Dementia is a mental condition where the patient experiences serious decline in mental abilities. The Alzheimer’s disease most commonly results from dementia, manifested by cognitive issues, memory loss, mood or behavioral changes, and so on. According to experts dementia is often caused by depression, chronic infections, head trauma, vascular problems,Read More →


Not all foods are the same when it comes to losing weight. Some of the foods can rise the sum of calories you burn, and kill your appetite, or both. This can be brought about by protein, fiber, and additionally numerous substances discovered naturally in foods. Below are 10 evidence-basedRead More →


One of the most severe health issues is gout which very often leads to arthritis in the joints of the feet. This condition actually causes serious pain and swellings. Due to these reasons it is important to eliminate the uric acid from the body and prevent buildup that can leadRead More →


Every vitamin is essential for the human body as if it lacks just one of them it can lead to numerous health issues. Ladies have a need of certain vitamins and in this article we shall present ten of them which are of great essence for every lady. Likewise, weRead More →


You can effectively remove fat deposits from key spots in the body with this simple drink. Ingredients: 1 fresh cucumber peeled and cut. 8 glasses of water 12 leaves of mint 1 tbsp grated ginger root cut lemon pieces Instructions: Mix all of the above ingredients in a jar,the night before consumption and consume itRead More →

reduce fat

Recent studies have confirmed the association of cortisol with abdominal fat. Cortisol is a hormone that the body releases to deal with stress, and unfortunately, high levels of cortisol are associated with increased levels of abdominal fat. Want to reduce your cortisol and to burn more fat from the belly?Read More →


We are going to present to you the best healthy beverage that is completely natural and provides numerous health benefits. It is great for treatment of joint pain and removes uric acid. Here is how to prepare it: Ingredients: Ginger – 2 inches Cucumber – 1 Pineapples – 1 cupRead More →