New cancer diagnoses happen every day and per year that number becomes whopping. The sad fact is that a cure for cancer is not yet found but scientists claim that there are a few important breakthroughs that can help the whole process.

The whole thing is about a certain vitamin that doctors claim the people lack.

The vitamin in question is vitamin D and almost 75% of the population in America lacks this vitamin. The truth is that is that it is very easy to get a load of vitamin D with just a little bit of sunlight. This is very easy to incorporate in daily life and this vitamin can do a lot for you.

Vitamin D can prevent certain typed of cancer and even prevent diabetes and other severe health conditions. It can protect your heart and a daily dose of vitamin D can be a great contributor to good general health.

Increasing the amount of vitamin D in your body may be the thing we need to put a stop of creating cancer cells and thus certain types of cancer. The tricky thing about vitamin D is that a person cannot detect if they are vitamin D deficient because this only shows up in blood tests so it is difficult to know from feeling.

Here are some symptoms that can point you towards knowing if you are vitamin D deficient:

  • Bone pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Asthma
  • Chronic pain
  • Excessive sweating
  • Depression and anxiety.

There are many studies conducted that prove the effectiveness vitamin D has over cancer. All researchers found that vitamin D is actually very important for a lot of functions in the body and without it, the body can develop a higher risk of getting breast cancer and other types.

The recommended dose of vitamin D daily is 600-1000 IU and it is best to opt for natural sources like fatty fish, milk, yoghurt, tuna, mushrooms and orange juice. Being exposed to sun for about 20 minutes will do the trick too and it will help you have enough vitamin D for optimal body functions and high protection from cancer.

Source: secretlyhealthy

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