Exercise is very important in the daily life and should be incorporated in any routine. Even people that do not have enough free time have at least 5 minutes a day to do some simple exercises that will not only improve the physical and aesthetic appearance but it will also take care of the general health.

There are many simple exercises you can do but one particular one can exercises many muscles with just one position and that is the plank.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should choose the plank ad your “must do” exercise:

Strengthens the Core:

The standard plank position can work you oblique muscles that help support your spine, the glutes, transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis. All these muscles can help you reduce shock due to some basic movements.

Reduces the Risk of Injury:

The plank contracts many different muscles isometrically and that is why certain moves become less restricted and much easier. The plank can help you strengthen a lot of muscles and thus provide better back support that is essential for good health and lowered risk of any injury. If you already suffer from certain back problems the plank can help you alleviate them.

Speeds Up the Metabolism:

When you are doing the plank position the muscles contract and need to be fueled with nutrients that we get from oxygenation, and that process requires oxygen. That means that heart needs to pump more blood and oxygen to the muscles and thus we lose more calories. Even though planks are stationary and have no movement they can burn even more calories that cardio exercises.

Improves Balance:

A body with good posture is a well-balanced body and the plank can give that to you.

Tone Your Arms and Legs:

All the muscles you contract with the plank will become stronger and thus more tones and accentuated.

Source: secretlyhealthy , curejoy

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