Facing the busy lifestyle we lead, many people are turning to energy drinks to give them a little boost of energy to perform all the daily tasks. But these drinks with sweet taste and sparkling constitute are danger to the health. This is the story of a woman who damaged her liver by drinking 20 cans of Red Bull a day for 4 years.

Allwood Mary is a mother aged 26, from Brixton, England. Having a very busy time, she followed the advice of the advertisements to get to hold until the end of the day. She also wanted to have wings to finish what she had to do during the day and began to consume Red Bull!

At the beginning Mary consumed 1-2 cans per day in order to have more energy, and it was effective, but after four months, this dose had no effect on her. She decided to increase it and reached 20 cans a day, the equivalent of 16 cups of coffee and 17 chocolate bars of sugar. She took at least two in the morning.

What initially started as a simple boost of energy has become over time a need, which cost the British mother more than £ 2,300 a year. “I needed it and I didn’t care at all of the damage that this drink was causing” says Mary Allwood. She was aware of her addiction, but could not resist. “If I was not getting my dose, I would become miserable and grumpy and it did not help me. I did everything I could to have it.”

The excessive consumption of energy drinks has impacted the weight of Mary: she went from a size 12 to 20. But the damage was not limited only to a simple weight gain! Mary was indeed hospitalized due to severe pain in the right side of the stomach. An MRI revealed that her liver was twice as big as normal, something the doctors explained by excessive alcohol consumption, but Mary has confirmed that she does not consume alcohol. “The doctors said that my liver is like that of an alcoholic, and that’s where I confessed them that I was using at least 12 cans of Red Bull a day.”

After a series of tests, doctors concluded that there are fat deposits on the liver, caused by the high sugar concentration in the Red Bull. They also diagnosed two fibrous lumps, one of them of a size of a grape and the other one of the size of a tangerine.

Shocked by the discovery of the physicians, Mary immediately changed her diet, swapping the many cans of Red Bull for large amounts of water per day.

This detoxification period was not easy, she experienced several episodes of mood swings and tremors. But after a month, everything was back to normal.

Today, Mary Allwood wants her story to be an example to all those who consume this drink. “To think that anyone can go to the supermarket and get them makes me uneasy. I think it should be at the same level as cigarettes and alcohol,“ she says.

Recall that excessive consumption of alcohol is the leading cause of fatty liver or hepatic steatosis, in fact a diet high in sugar can also lead to an accumulation of fat in the liver. This in turn can cause liver inflammation and the development of fibrous masses.

Indeed, fat deposits on the liver, caused by heavy alcohol or food consumption can damage cells of the organ, impair its function and lead to serious liver disease.


Although they help boost the energy and increase concentration, energy drinks are very dangerous to the health. They are very high in artificial sweeteners, sugar and caffeine, ingredients that have a direct impact on the health. Not only do they increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, but may also cause several problems such as diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems and many others.

Like drugs, the drink has an addictive effect. Indeed, by its composition, this product has a strong energizing power which unfortunately lasts a short time, after which the consumer is tired and in need of another dose.

source: staynaturallyhealthy.

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