If you decide to take care of your health and control your weight with this diet, you should avoid alcohol, ice cream and dessert after dinner.

This easy and simple diet has designed Japan’s Hitoshi Watanabe.

He has recommended to eat 1 banana every morning and drink a glass of water heated to room temperature. During the day do not have to abstain and you can eat the usual snacks, lunch or dinner.

Although this diet for a short time gained popularity, worldwide nutritionists say it is miraculous.

True, banana and water for breakfast helps in speeding up metabolism and such a meal is low calorie.

“Depending on the type, banana contains 72 to 135 calories, 10-20 grams of sugar, and 2-4 grams of fiber, which is still not enough, because after 1 or 2 hours, after this breakfast consisting solely of carbohydrates, you will feel hungry”-say scientists

Also, they said that if there is no other order, if you can eat what you want for lunch, dinner and snack-It`s impossible to lose weight!

On the other hand, most nutritionists said that if you want to lose weight you have to be physically active, and to control the intake of calories in the body and their combustion.

So, it`s healthier, in the morning instead of just a banana to make a delicious and a nutritional frappe with just 150 calories which will keep longer satisfied.

Mix the banana with a few ice cubes and a cup of yogurt. Drink it every morning. With this mixture you will get fiber and 12 grams of protein.

Good luck!

Source: healthexpertgroup

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