The main causes for stomach cramps and constipation is poor digestion. People that suffer from fatigue and headaches are not aware that improper function of the digestive system could be the main reason for these conditions. Also there are other causes for stomach cramps and constipation such as weather condition, sleeping disorder, but people don’t think it could be actually also caused by the colon.

The colon actually is the main cause for poor digestive system, and people tend to treat the headache instead of treating the improper digestion.

Here are the main symptoms that suggest the need for cleansing the colon:

  1. Reduced energy levels
  2. Chronic fatigue
  3. Constipation
  4. IBS
  5. Allergies
  6. Irritability
  7. Loss of appetite
  8. Headaches

All of these symptoms actually occur as a result of the accumulation of toxic waste which causes the mucus and bacteria to ferment in the colon which later gets into your blood stream. Due to these reasons you might also experience reduced absorption of nutrients in the bowel movement, which is another problem that you might experience.

In this article we are going to present to you the best colon cleansing mixture.

The remedy that we are going to present to you is completely natural and it will help you eliminate the toxic waste from the body. It is important that you consume this drink three times per day, but also make sure that you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water during the day. Also if you decide to use this remedy it is recommended to consume it at least one day in the week for best results.

Here is the recipe:


  1. Apple juice (100% pure) – ½ a cup
  2. Lemon – 2 tablespoons (squeezed)
  3. Ginger juice – 1 teaspoon
  4. Sea salt – ½ teaspoon
  5. Warm water – ½ a cup

Mix all ingredients well until they are all dissolved. Make sure that you always drink this juice fresh.

For people that have diabetes should avoid cleaning their colon because the juice contains sugar. Also it is recommended for women that are pregnant and have allergies or take medications should consult their doctor first before they consume the remedy.

This juice is great for removing excess fatty acids in the body, balances the hormones, reduces anxiety and fatigue, and improves sleeping at night.

source: staynaturallyhealthy

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