Going to the gym can be a little bit tricky especially if you are a parent struggling with work too. The good news is that many great exercises can be done from home and can be as effective as going to the gym. This specific workout is called the Tabata workout that is not for the faint of heart.

This workout lasts only a couple of minutes and it is a high intensity workout that can be fit into nay daily routine and can help you a lot in your weight loss goal. This workout is great for people struggling with work and house work because it does not need any equipment other than your motivation.

Note: This exercise is strenuous and people who have problems with this should not attempt to do it.

How to Train for Tabata?
This exercises is very simple and it may be surprising just how effective is. It is created by Dr. Izumi Tabata from Japan, hence the name of the whole workout. It includes 20 second sprints followed by 10 second rest and all that for about 8 rounds that will last you around 4 minutes.

According to many studies conducted this exercise can increase the aerobic capacity of people who practice it. It is an intense cardio workout that is based on the very simple principles of running for short time intervals.

Start simple:

  • Depending on your level and ability start with 20 second intense running followed by a 10 second rest, or for a beginner start with 60-90 seconds mid-intensity running with 1 minute rest with fast walking.
  • Depending on where you start try to increase the run time and decrease the rest time in order to become stronger and more agile.
  • Work your way up to 4 minutes and if you feel like you are not up for it just go slow.

Advantages and Benefits from The Tabata Workout:

  • This cardio exercise can help you burn fat in all the critical areas in the body.
  • Even if it is a cardio workout this exercise can even help you build muscle and tone your body.
  • You don’t need special equipment and you can do it anywhere.
  • You will not need a lot of time and you will do all the necessary exercise in just under 5 minutes.
  • Creates the hormone endorphin that is known as the “happiness” hormone.

Source: secretlyhealthy

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