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In industrialized countries, people consume more energy than they spend. It’s a vicious circle. More and more people are overweight and suffer from heart problems and diseases of the circulatory system because of the junk food. And when we want to change the way of life, we always hear theRead More →

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Fatty liver is a disease which occurs equally often in both men and women. People suffering from fatty liver have a large amount of fat accumulated around the waist. But this fat is not so dangerous as are the fatty deposits that form on the liver. Nutrition, rejuvenation and beautyRead More →


We recommend this recipe for weight loss and acidosis, not only because it can be prepared easily and quickly, but because it is very effective. If you make this homemade weight loss drink will not only get rid of the swollen belly. With its help you will thoroughly detoxify theRead More →

Often when we see that our stomach is swollen we immediately think that we have gained weight. But this is not necessarily the case since it is often due to bloating problems. Indeed, our belly swells due to accumulation of gas in the intestine or in the stomach. Check outRead More →

Cinnamon water, apple, and lemon can be made in less than 20 minutes a day to improve your health. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance to discover it.Something that everyone already knows is that these natural treatments alone won’t work miracles. While it may seem counterintuitiveRead More →

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Weight loss is a difficult goal. Sometimes, despite all efforts to improve diet and lifestyle, the weight is stable and the extra pounds impossible to remove. What if the obstacle to losing weight lies in insufficient levels of leptin? What is leptin? Leptin, also called satiety hormone, is a hormoneRead More →


Helicobacter Pylori is bacteria that can cause serious damage to your health. Many people don’t even suspect that the reason for their frequent stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea appetite and rapid weight loss can be caused by paricular kind of bacteria – Helicobacter Pylori. Helicobacter Pylori has a negative effect onRead More →

44 year old Tuzlak Elvir D. decided to share his story of how he was “saved” from knee surgery, using only two ingredients that probably everyone has them at home. For few months Elvir felt terrible knee pain from excessive standing and working. The doctor advised him to operate hisRead More →