See WHY – She Presses Her Ear With Clothespin Everyday ?!

She Presses Her Ear With Clothespin Everyday…See Why

Reflexology is an area of medicine where pressing certain points on the body, will solve the problem of pain. It is especially suitable method for application to the ear, just because there is a lot of nerve endings.

With the help of clothespin, which puts pressure on specific nerve, can be solved discomfort or pain. With pressure on certain points, pain in certain parts could be relieved.

Through these 6 points, the ear is connected with all parts of the body:

Back and Shoulders

The upper part of the ear is connected to the back and shoulders. Keep a clip within 60 seconds, and in this way you will get rid of tension and reduce pain.

For optimal results, the procedure must be repeated several times a day.


This point is linked to all organs in the body. Even gentle massage with your fingers will help you in relieving pain. However, if you really have inner pain, you should seek medical advice.


The upper central portion of the ear belongs to the joints. Slow up or painful hands and feet could  be relieved with a help of clothespin. If you have chronic pain, the doctor may still be a better choice!

Sinuses and throat

The lower part of the ear connected to the paranasal sinuses, and throat. When you have cold or  a sinus infection, clothespin can make a miracle.


Just above the earlobe is the point that is associated with digestion. Abdominal pain or cramps could be reduced or even completely eliminated. By the way, the method can also be applied preventative …

The head and the heart

In the ear is the connection  to the two most important part of the body – head and heart. Headaches or heart problems can be reduced with clothespin pressure or with finger pressure.

source: healthexpertgroup

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