Don`t be afraid the name of this diet. Often people think, of this diet that should eat more rice. Diet with rice, dates from 1934, when Doctor Walter Kempner, joining the team University of Medicine, Duke, started to use diet that is low in salt and fat, in the treatment of patients with kidney disease. The term “rice diet” comes from the fact that every patient with a meal and received a plate of rice. They quickly found that this diet, except that favorably affects health, has a greater role in weight loss.

Basic rules of the diet:

The rice diet includes about 30 authorized products rich in complex carbohydrates, but low in salt, fats, proteins and sugars. The primary goal of this diet is detoxification of the body, prevent and treat the chronic diseases and weight loss comes by itself.

The diet includes 3 phases:

  • The first phase is detoxification, which lasts one week. During this phase the intake of food is scarce, and included several starchy products like rice and quinoa. The fruit is allowed only one day during the week and in 6 days starch products combine vegetables and low-fat milk (or soy) products. The first phase entered 800 kcal, of which carbohydrates contain up to 89% energy and sodium intake reaches 300 mg.
  • The second phase is the phase of active weight loss that lasts until you achieve the desired results. Daily menu allows 1200 kcal per day, and differs from the first stage: one day except vegetables can be imported and protein products – primarily fish, and then low-fat dairy products and meat without fat. In the second stage carbohydrates provide 80% of the total energy intake and sodium reaches 500 mg per day.
  • The final and third phase differs from the second in that it can be inserted into an additional 200 kcal, and the menu is allowed products such as tofu, cheese olives and nuts. Two days a week you can eat fish, and if further lose weight in this case one day the vegetables can be replaced with the protein.
    Benefits of the diet

The diet has a long history and a fully developed program to improve health and achieve a slender line. This diet offers fast and effective weight loss.

The biggest advantage of this diet is to limit the intake of salt, which in today’s diet takes alarming proportions. Introduction of a large amount of salt leads to a deposition of fluid in the body, increase the risk of various diseases, especially hypertension.

NOTE: The diet is a good choice for those who need to lose weight for medical reasons, but only in pre-consultation with a doctor.

Example: daily menu

  • Breakfast: whole wheat bread and 1/2 cup lean cheese and apple
  • Lunch: 1 cup of rice with mushrooms, cup natural fruit juice
  • Dinner: 1 cup of whole grain pasta with broccoli; orange

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