Powerful Herb That Treats Stomach Aches, Arthritis, Flu, Diarrhea, Sore Throat and Viruses

The herb in question is thyme in all its conditions. According to studies the thyme essential oil contains thymol as is main and most potent ingredient that has antiseptic properties.

Many antiseptic products like mouthwash and wipes contain thymol as the main antiseptic ingredient. Other than these properties thymol, can treat and soothe pain and thus certain health issues.

It is proved to be a very powerful pain-relieving herb that can alleviate certain pains even better than ibuprofen.

The study was conducted in Iran’s Babol University of Medical Sciences and it involved 84 women that all had a very difficult menstruation and suffered from dysmenorrhea.

All of them were aged from 18-24 years old and had extreme menstrual cramping, nausea, dizziness, backache and headaches. All of this especially the dysmenorrhea is something that has a different underlying cause that can indicate more severe health problems.

Most Important Uses for Thyme Essential Oil:
It is useful for people who have a lower blood pressure and thyme oil can raise and normalize the blood pressure levels.

The thyme essential oil can boost circulation and support the nervous health, muscles, digestive health and the skin.

The antiseptic properties are very powerful and can treat cuts and wounds, sores and also prevent infections. This capacity is due to the presence of Caryophyllene and Camphene.

Arthritis is the underlying cause of rheumatism and thyme oil can help in that situation. It has diuretic properties and can remove more toxins from the urine and act as a stimulant that activated circulation.

Other Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil:
Kills parasites.
Helps in cases of Athlete’s foot.
Keeps insects away.
Makes a wonderful wash for fresh produce.
Also treats Candida.
It can be used as a face tonic to remove acne and warts.
It is a natural hand sanitizer.
Destroys nail fungus.
Raises the DHA in kidneys, liver and heart cells.

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