Latest official statistics show that the number of people with diabetes has been gradually increasing from year to year. This disease is affecting millions of people and usually it is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, and consumption of high amount of sugar. All of these reasons lead to insulin resistance. Diabetes is considered to be severe illness which can affect your lifestyle on daily basis and might prevent you from doing your regular activities.

The most effective and successful treatment are insulin shots, but the problem is you will need to take the shots for the entire life. These insulin shots will help you regulate the blood sugar levels and prevent further health complications. In fact, there is another alternative natural solution that can help you regulate the blood sugar levels, and it might be even more effective than the insulin shots. This natural solution is not going to cause any side effects, but instead it can help you improve the overall health besides the regulation of the blood sugar levels.

The natural solution is consistent of fermented green papaya. This ingredient is extremely effective for the process of regulating the blood sugar levels without causing side-effects. Papaya is extremely rich with essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, enzymes, and potassium. The main enzyme found in this fruit is papain which provides great health benefits. Regular use can help you prevent different conditions in addition to the regulation of the blood sugar levels. During the fermentation process the essential enzymes trigger the receptors in the cells to respond better to the insulin. Also this fruit contains bioactive substance that mimics the effects of insulin.

Here is how to ferment papayas

First you will need to peel the fruit and remove the seeds. Next, you should cut it into 10×10 cubes and on side prepare salt and water brine. Put the pieces in the mixture and cover it with cloth. Leave it for one week and afterwards pour it in different container.

If you want to prepare sweet and sour pickled papaya you should do the same procedure but without the brine. Instead you should put vinegar, sea salt, ginger, and brown sugar over the cut pieces of papaya. Again, cover the bow with cloth and leave it for one week in order to give enough time to ferment. After this time you will get your nice pickled papaya cubes. Enjoy!

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