For some of us, the best part of the morning is the feeling of the energy and potential that the start of the day brings, but if you do not start in the right way, all these positive impulses could quickly go limp along with your good mood.

Catch some sun:

A study published in the journal “PLoS One “says that sun’s rays can help you lose weight. Authors of the study had 54 subjects who wore devices on their hands per week which recorded their morning sun exposure.

During the seven days, the subjects wrote down what they ate, watched their caloric intake. Those among them who were more exposed to the sun had a lower body mass index than those who spent more time in the dark, regardless of age, diet and physical activities.

Morning light affects our biological clock and the daily rhythm, which are an important part of the regulation when we need sleep.

Morning rays also contain most of the blue light that has the strongest influence on our daily rhythm. We only need about 20 to 30 minutes of this light to feel its good effects.


As long as you’re aware of what you’re doing, it makes easier to control your own weight. It is very important to do things deliberately. This approach also reduces the stress of life.

University of Utah made a study with 38 people in the age between 20 and 45 years. People who were more aware of their actions and what is happening around them, they experienced less stress than others.

A good start this lifestyle can be a morning meditation.

Pack a meal for a job instead of buying it:
Instead during the break at work to go in the nearby bakery, make yourself at home one healthy meal that will not get you fat bring it to work. It is better in order to make sure you have something healthy to eat during the day, but to buy something that will undermine your progress in losing weight.

You need protein:
Although scientists still have not completely determine whether breakfast is important for weight loss or not, it seems that a healthy dose of protein in the morning helps with weight loss.

Scientists from the University of Missouri did a study in which included women between 18 and 55 years, and found that the group that ate protein breakfast felt less hungry until lunch, so they ate less food in the afternoon.

Stomach takes longer for the breakdown of proteins and to accelerate the process, the body secretes a hormone that makes you feel full.

If you sleep at night as much as you should, during the day you will not be as hungry as you were when you are sleep deprived.

Scientists from the University of Chicago and Wisconsin followed the sleep of ten overweight adults who were in their 20s. These ten people slept about six and a half hours (or less) per day.

After they change of their habits and they start to sleep about eight and a half hours a day, research subjects had 14 percent lower appetite, and 62 percent less need for fast food and desserts. In short, it is wise to sleep eight hours a day.

You have to sweat a little:
Exercise is almost never a bad idea. But if you think that the only benefit is that you will strengthen your metabolism, you will discover how exercise has other good effects.

Women who exercise in the morning are not deconcentrated with images of delicious meals as much as it happens to women who do not exercise in the morning.

Do not drive a car to work:
People who go to work by bicycle, public transport or on foot have a lower body mass index than those who drive to work in the car.

University of London conducted a research which was included more than 7,000 subject shows that those people who go to work by car have two to three pounds more than those who walk, cycle or use public transport.

Source: healthexpertgroup

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