Healthy foods and proper exercise are essential to those that want to lose weight in a healthy manner. But many do not realize that proper digestion is needed when one is trying to lose weight as well.

When the digestive tract is not properly working, it will be harder for an individual to lose weight. However, lemon juice can really help the digestive tract work well. Lemon juice is full of acid which will help decrease the negative effects that sweet foods have on the body, as well as boost the digestive tract.

Drinking lemon water will also help to curb other drink consumption that are often full of calories, such as coffee with sugar and cream, sodas and fruit juices.
To use lemons in assisting with weight loss, one will need to cut a lemon in half. Squeeze one half of the lemon into a cup that is 2.5 deciliters. Next, fill the glass with water that is room temperature. Do not add cold water or ice as this will not help with the digestive process. Cold water will make the body warm up the water, which will make the digestive process not work as well. Mix up the lemon juice in the water and drink it on the spot.

The best time to drink this is in the morning, before the stomach has anything in it. You can save the other half of the lemon by wrapping in plastic wrap and placing in the refrigerator to use another day.
This recipe should be used on a regular basis.

When drank on an empty stomach, the metabolism will be activated, which will speed up the digestive process. This is a proven method to help fight off excessive weight. Drinking lemon water will also help to reduce bloating in individuals, as it is a mild diuretic for individuals.

source: secretlyhealthy

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