Different types of food can provide and give you different benefits for many different issues in the human body. For example, carrots can be beneficial and provide and better vision while other foods can improve your hearing and even prevent hearing loss altogether.

The trick is to know your faults and issues and to gather all the necessary nutritional information in order to know how to use the correct supplementation your diet and body need.

Some nutritional imbalances and deficiencies can really contribute to hearing loss and we should do all that we can to avoid that. Even without this factors age does a lot of things to the body and in the 40s and 50s the hearing really takes a hit and starts decreasing step by step.

Consuming the right foods and help prevent and slow-down that process and improve the ability of the brain to process certain information.

Nutrients that improve and aid hearing:

  • Folates
  • Carotenoids
  • Vitamin A
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

These are the main nutrients that can really help you with any hearing loss and hearing issues. They do that because they:

Prevent free radical damage.
Prevent oxidative stress.
Improve the homocysteine metabolism.
Increase and improve the blood flow and decease the damage to the cardiovascular system.
Folates of vitamin B9 is beneficial because it can improve tinnitus which is characterized as a ringing in the ears. This vitamin can improve this situation and reduce it. Rise your B9 levels by eating a lot of leafy greens and folate supplements.

Zinc should be included in the daily diet for many reasons and one of them includes unexpected hearing loss. Zinc can prevent oxidative stress due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss:

  • Stop listening to music on personal devices and headphones because they can really damage the inner ear. If you absolutely have to lower the volume to a minimum.
  • Wear ear protection in situations that require it.
  • Take breaks when listening on devices for a longer period of time.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Take a break from noisy places or clubs.

Source: secretlyhealthy, Dr. Mercola | Everyday Health

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