Sleep is good not only for our bodies but our minds.  But how we sleep is just as important as how much we get.  Sleeping positions can not only affect the health of an individual but also effect how the skin looks and how the digestive tract works.

Many do not realize that sleeping on the left side of the body can be very beneficial to a person.  It really does matter what side you sleep on.

No matter if you sleep on your left side, right side, stomach or back, it can greatly effect your overall health.  If you sleep on your back, you can experience trouble with breathing.

This can be very dangerous for those that suffer with sleep apnea or asthma.  If you prefer to sleep on your right side, you may experience digestive issues.  But when you sleep on the left side, you are actually improving the digestive tract.

The left side of the body controls the lymphatic system.  When we sleep on our left sides, we are able to remove toxins, waste and lymph fluid.  When we sleep on our right sides, we are slowing down the work of the lymphatic system.

This means that the lymphatic system is not working to the maximum potential and the body is not able to filter out all the toxins.  The toxins can then accumulate if this is the desired sleeping position, which means there is a higher chance of disease in the body.

Sleeping on the left side will also mean that the body is able to remove waste toxins.  The body will be able to fully absorb nutrients and help to get rid of wastes and toxins.

If you find it hard to sleep on your left side, you can make some small changes to start sleeping in this position.  You can start by sleeping on the other side of the bed, which will help you to sleep on the other side.  Or you might put a pillow behind your back after you have laid down on the left side.

The pillow will not allow you to move positions during the night.  You may even wish to add a  low light lit on the right side to keep on the left side.

Source: secretlyhealthy.

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