Freshly painted hair really looks wonderful, but with each washing, the shine disappears. To prevent loss of color and shine, look at these simple tips.

Blonde hair

Blondes can preserve the shine of their hair using chamomile. Once a week, instead of plain water, wash your hair with chamomile chuck.

Brown hair

To preserve the intensity of the brown color, make your own hair mask with an egg and a cup of coffee. Apply the mask for 20 minutes before washing the hair, and then wash it with shampoo.

Black hair

Constancy and shine of black hair you can keep using beer. Mix two teaspoons of beer with half a liter of water. With this mixture, wash your hair, let it act a few minutes, then wash thoroughly with water.

Red hair

Red hair fastest loses the shine. To save the intensity of the red color, wash your hair with cranberry juice. In this way, your hair color will be longer and shinier.

Source: healthexpertgroup



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