To burn belly fat is not a simple thing, you have to be patient and have a lot of will. You should combine exercises and radical change in your eating habits.

Exercises to melt belly fat
We must not delude ourselves, we can’t lose weight effectively without making physical exercises. The best suited exercises for this purpose are training exercises in different intervals The goal is to combine cardio intervals with exercises with low intensity followed by a period of higher intensity. Scientific studies show that this type of training works best for burning belly fat with a rate of 50% from cardio exercises stable level of intensity.

Take your time when eating
As you take time in whatever makes you feel good, eating is a pleasure that deserves to spend at least half an hour if not more. This will allow you to chew well and enjoy your food to avoid indigestion and bloating.

Warning about salt
Salt is the enemy when you are undertaking slimming regimes. Namely, salt contains chloride ions and sodium that promote the proper functioning of the body and ensure proper hydration of the body. However, consuming too much salt causes water retention. Therefore, the body tends to swell and retain waste that would normally be expelled. Reducing salt consumption thus leads to less water retention in the body and allows the water to remove the waste stored in the fat tissues through urine and sweat.

SOURCE: staynaturallyhealthy.


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