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If you are wondering how to lose weight, green tea will become your great ally as it is a natural asset rich in many properties.

If you drink two cups of green tea a day

You will have the opportunity to forget those extra pounds that you have left, although it is important that you combine the consumption of green tea infusions with a free data of fried and saturated fats and with physical exercise.

Do not know what are the properties of green tea? Discover them through this post and find out how it can help you lose weight, take care of your skin and improve your health.

How to lose weight using green tea

Green tea is a plant used to prepare fantastic infusions to accelerate weight loss and take care of health. You can use the leaves of the plant or, if you prefer, buy green tea bags in supermarkets or herbalists to be able to make the tisanes in a more comfortable and practical way.

It is diuretic and fights fluid retention

Green tea is a potent diuretic, so its consumption improves intestinal transit and combats fluid retention, which is a great help to lose weight and eliminate cellulite.

To benefit from its benefits and its diuretic function, it is best that you drink two cups of green tea a day. When preparing them, all you have to do is boil mineral water, pour a tea bag inside and let it rest for about 5 minutes before consuming the tisane.

Acts as a natural fat burning

Drinking green tea will help reduce the absorption of fats in the intestine. In this way, you can accelerate weight loss and end up with more kilos sooner than expected, especially if you have a healthy diet and practice physical exercise frequently.

Increase energy expenditure

If you want to burn calories more easily, green tea will help you achieve your goal. The reason lies in the polyphenols, which are responsible for accelerating metabolism and enhancing energy expenditure, which translates into rapid weight loss.

Improves the functioning of the liver

The antioxidants present in green tea are also able to improve the functioning of the liver and eliminate the fat that accumulates in this vital organ while promoting proper digestion.

More benefits of green tea for beauty and health

Green tea will not only become one of your best allies if you wonder how to lose weight in a healthy and natural way, but also if you want to enhance your beauty and take care of your health by being a great ingredient for:

Prevent cancer thanks to its large doses of antioxidants, which are responsible for combating free radicals, delay aging and prevent the onset of diseases.

Improve memory, concentration and attention span.

Keep teeth and gums healthy, although it is important to keep in mind that tea can also cause the appearance of spots on the teeth. Hence the importance of carrying out good daily dental hygiene and drinking the infusion using a straw whenever possible in order to prevent the liquid from adhering to the teeth.

Enhance the youth of the skin and delay the appearance of fine lines because of its richness in antioxidants.

Eliminate styles in a short time. You can learn to do so by taking a look at this remedy that explains how to remove a stye with tea.

Eliminate acne and skin shine, as it regulates sebum production of the skin in a natural way.

How to choose the best green tea

Now that you know how to lose weight with green tea it will be important that you know some tricks that will help you choose the best green tea on the market. When you go to buy the product remember that teas from China or Japan tend to be the best quality.

Keep in mind, also, that it is also advisable to bet on an ecological green tea that has been grown without using chemical pesticides. Although you will find many teas of this type in supermarkets and herbalists, one of our favorites is the Yogi Tea brand, which produces various types of biological and organic green tea that you can buy in several natural products stores, and even through Amazon

Have you proposed to lose weight combining a healthy and balanced diet with the frequent practice of physical exercise and the use of some home remedies? Then you can consume green tea infusions and also this healthy celery juice to lose weight.

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