In order for the body to function accordingly it requires vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is of great essence to provide it with these elements and the best way is through the consumption of healthy diet thus acquiring the proper amount of valuable nutrients.

Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

  • Red or white skin changes

They resemble acne and occur on the face, back, arms, and thighs, which indicate deficiency of vitamin E, A, and fatty acids. Make sure to avoid trans-fats such as margarine and saturated foods, and turn to the consumption of healthy fat. Vitamin A can be acquired through red peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green veggies, and vitamin D by being exposed to sun for 10 minutes a day.

  • Cracked lips

This condition signals lack of vitamin B (B3, B2, and B12), zinc and iron, and it usually occurs in vegetarians because they do not consume enough of these nutrients. You can get them while consuming eggs, tuna, salmon, shellfish, poultry meat, Swiss chard, peanuts, and lentils. For optimal absorption of iron take in vitamin C which can be naturally found in kale, red peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower. Likewise, vitamin C will assists in boosting the immune system.

  • Red rash on the face and hair loss

These symptoms indicate shortage of vitamin B7, and in order to improve vitamin B7 levels consume more cooked eggs, avocado, mushrooms, cauliflower, soybeans, salmon, walnuts, raspberries and bananas.

  • Tingling and numbness in the arms, feet, and the whole body

These symptoms reveal deficiency of vitamin B (B9, B6, and B12) which is linked to peripheral nerves. It may be accompanied by other symptoms as well, such as anemia, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, and depression. For that reason, consume foods like eggs, shellfish, chicken, beans, asparagus, spinach, and beets.

  • Muscle cramps, pain in the fingers, wrists, legs and back

This means that you are short of magnesium, potassium and calcium. Persons with this condition perspire excessively. In order to improve their condition they need to eat cherries, apples, bananas, grapefruit, spinach, kale, broccoli, hazelnuts, almonds, and dandelion.

Source: staynaturallyhealthy

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