Not that anyone needs and extra reason to load up on more strawberries but in this following article you will find that eating strawberries is not only delicious and refreshing but it can also benefit your whole body from the inside and out.

The strawberries are one amazing and sweet fruit and according to recent studies it can prevent cancer and especially breast cancer. This is all due to the powerful anti-cancer and cancer-fighting properties.

The study was published in the Scientific Reports and involved two groups of mice. Once group has a normal and standard diet and the other one was fed 15% strawberry extract.

After 1 month of this nutrition the mice were injected with breast cancer cells A17. After the injection of the cells they were carefully monitored and the volume and weight of each tumor was calculated.

As the cells progressed it was quite obvious. The group that was fed with strawberry extract stopped the propagation of the breast cancer cells and the group that was being fed this extract actually had smaller sized tumors in weight and volume.

All the tumors that were treated with this different alba strawberry extract showed decreased cell viability and the changes were all due to the dosage and time period.

Meaning that the longer the body is exposed to these extracts and the more extract there is, the better. Other than protection from specifically breast cancer, the studies show that strawberries can reduce the expression of certain genes that are associated with the metastasis of cancer cells in general.

According to Maurizio Battino:
“Strawberries are rich in phenolic compounds that can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in in vitro and in vivo models. The conducted studies have already proven the effectiveness of strawberries when it comes to cancer.”

Other Health Benefits of Strawberries:
They contain many antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and thus aid in cancer prevention in general.
They contain essential vitamins, amino acids, potassium, magnesium, manganese and vitamin C.
Consuming strawberries daily can also balance the blood pressure levels and reduce the effects sodium has on the body.
They are low on the glycemic food index and they can balance the blood sugar levels and thus they are extra beneficial for people afflicted from
The flavonoids inside strawberries can reduce the risk of heart attack and other heart related problems.

Source: SecretlyHealthy

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