Caffeine is a substance that can provide plenty health advantages like soothing those annoying headaches, enhancing mental alertness and even has the ability to treat certain health conditions like asthma and diabetes. However, these beneficial properties of caffeine lose all their benefits when it is combined with artificial stimulants, sweeteners,Read More →

Dementia is a mental condition where the patient experiences serious decline in mental abilities. The Alzheimer’s disease most commonly results from dementia, manifested by cognitive issues, memory loss, mood or behavioral changes, and so on. According to experts dementia is often caused by depression, chronic infections, head trauma, vascular problems,Read More →


One of the most severe health issues is gout which very often leads to arthritis in the joints of the feet. This condition actually causes serious pain and swellings. Due to these reasons it is important to eliminate the uric acid from the body and prevent buildup that can leadRead More →