Carrot is not only excellent choice for your eyes.

Is one of the healthiest vegetables because it contains many useful medicinal compounds. Carrot is used worldwide and have expressed antimicrobial (antibiotic) activity.

The carrot is a bi-annual herb originated from Afghanistan and throughout history was bringed in every country. It is used for food throughout the year .
It is interesting that today there is carrot in different colors : orange , white , yellow , red , purple.

The different colors of carrots contain various antioxidants . Substances that fight the damaging effects of free radicals in the body . Commonly used is the root of carrot , but you can use the leaves , but previously boiled.

Carrots contain the following nutritional and medicinal ingredients:
betacarotene,fiber,vitaminC,A,B,D,PP,X,iron,glutamine,potassium,calcium,calcium,pectate,carotenoids,lycopene,sodium,pectin,carbohydrates,phosphorus,zinc,essential Oils.

Method of use:

  • The carrot is used in food: fresh (as salad) or cooked or boiled (in addition to soups, stews, the dishes without meat or meat). It is also used as a spice. It is used in winter, it is easy to store (in the fridge, in the freezer in the basement).
  • Because carrot contain few calories and very useful ingredients they are often used in Diets and nutrition.

Fresh juice of carrot is very healthy, and can be consumed just like that or with combination of another fresh juices.

Carrot juice is also used for paneling in the treatment of some skin diseases.
Carrot contains a lot of vitamins and minerals , and because of his antioxidative actions has very beneficial effect on the body . It enhances the natural defense of the body resistance or strenght of the immunity. The carrot is a natural remedy that helps in many diseases and pathological conditions.

Because of its beneficial healing properties , carrots are recommended for the following diseases and conditions :

  • Anemia,diseases of the teeth ,diseases of the heart and blood vessels ,obesity ,heartburn.
  • Loss of appetite, depression and stress,intestinal worms,skin disorders ( dermatitis , eczema ).
  • For improving eyesight,for faster healing of wounds,for better fat burning in the body ,with immunodeficiency.
  • For nail strengthening ,with macular degeneration,with diseases of the kidney ,maintenance of brain functions ,in burns.
  • With osteoporosis ,for reducing of fatigue,elevated body temperature , for cholesterol ,during cold and flu,cough ( carrot juice ).
  • For regulation of digestion and constipation,the regulation of blood pressure ,maintenance of normal body weight ,the regulation of metabolism ,prevention of cancer ,inflammation of the tonsils and vocal cords.

Against cellulite.

Numerous studies have proven that carrots act as a ” cleaner” of the body . It cleans the body from harmful substances that occur with poor diet and work in polluted environment and various radiations .

In Norway , the carrot is recommended for children in the form of “ Oslo breakfast ” , as it is believed that helps in removing fatigue , improve concentration , helps for better learning and better success at school.
Carrot is useful vegetable and good natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of many diseases . Because it is useful , cheap and affordable vegetable, carrot should often be used in the diet.

Source: secretlyhealthy

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