Garlic Soup and its Healing Properties:

Garlic has lots of healing properties, and you would benefit a lot by regularly consuming this herb product.

Garlic is full of potassium and Vitamin C, so it is perfect food for the cold winter days during the flu and cold season. It also lowers the blood pressure and the cholesterol levels in the body.

Garlic also can be a good tool for reducing arthritis symptoms and pain. It can reduce various types of tumors,as well as to prevent some intestinal cancers from spreading around the body.

University of Washington has recently conducted a study which proved that the garlic can be up to hundred times more efficient and productive than many popular pharmaceuticals in the battles against bacteria.

Not only the garlic battles the standard seasonal infections, but it is also beneficial against pneumonia as well.

Garlic has a bit unpleasant smell, but that is due to the high content of sulphur. Other positive thing of the garlic is that it can destroy a wide range of microbes in the body such as parasites, fungi, viruses and is also effective against certain fungal infections in mouth. It is good in preventing diarrhea as well as in the battle against the bacteria called Helicobacter.

What makes garlic so strong is the presence of a few sulfur compounds, allicin, allinase and allin. All of these elements are making the garlic to be more powerful than regular antibiotics. Practically, garlic can be considered as a super – food, well capable and efficient against many different health conditions.

The following is a recipe for a garlic soup, which you will find it extremely healthy and efficient in the battle against different bacteria. The soup is very good as it is full of healthy and rich ingredients, such as onion and olive oil which is filled with Omega – 3 acids.

This soup is perfect for detoxification of your organism and easing up the illness symptoms.

This is what you need to prepare this food:

1.1 tablespoon of fresh chopped thyme
2.1 cup sour cream
3.-2 tablespoons olive oil
4.-2 large diced onions
5.-5 bulbs of peeled garlic
6.-1 bunch of chopped parsley
7.-2 tablespoons butter
8.-3 cups of chopped bread
9.-8.5 ounces chicken broth

First you need to heat the oven to 180 degrees. Then cut off the garlic tops and add olive oil. Wrap the garlic bulbs in foil and bake it for ninety minutes. Cool off the garlic after removing it from oven.

Heat two tablespoons of butter and olive oil in a pot at medium heat.

Add diced onions into the pot and cook for about ten minutes. When the garlic is baked, mash it and add it to the pot. Then add the chicken broth and the herbs.
Cook on low heat, add the bread and cook it for five more minutes. Add salt, pepper and sour cream to your taste, before you serve it in a bowl. Enjoy this healthy food regularly if you want to maintain your good health.

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