AMAZING RECIPE: This Black Water Will Make Your Gray Disappear for Good!

Gray hairs are annoying and can happen to anybody regardless of age. Contrary to popular belief gray hairs do not appear only with the fact of ageing.

Gray hairs can appear due to many factors and the most important one is genetics. Genes carry a lot of things and even if you are in your twenties your hair can still develop some gray hairs that only increase in number overtime.

One very simple way to get rid of these hairs is dying the hair of course and that is what most people do when this happens.

But for those who seek more natural resolutions to solving this problem may try this black water recipe that will help reduce and prevent the appearance of gray hairs. This recipe will prevent premature graying of the hair and maybe halt the process altogether.

Potato Peel Rinse

A larger pot
5-6 medium potatoes
A colander
A big bowl
Glass jar container with a securable lid
Shampoo and conditioner
Essential oils of your own choosing
Peel the potatoes first and place the peels into a bigger pot filled with half a gallon of water. Boil the potato peels on high heat for about 30 minutes. After it does strain the mixture and keep the water stored into a glass jar.

Add some of your favorite essential oils to make the mixture smell better and your potato peel rinse is ready! You should apply this mixture after you are finished with shampooing your hair. Rinse the hair with the potato peel water and do not wash out the water! Dry and style your hair as usual.

Other Gray Hair Solutions:
You can run coconut oil onto the scalp combined with a little lemon juice.
Combine black tea with a little salt and make a rinse that can prevent gray hairs.
Use natural hair dyes like henna that will not further destroy the hairs.
Treat your hair well and with less heated appliances.


Source: SecretlyHealthy

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