In this diet there are no forbidden foods, but it is forbidden to overeat.

The authors of the book “Eight Hour Diet”, David Zinczenko and Peter Moore explained a weight loss plan where you eat what you want and lose the weight. The book appeared recently – only a few months ago and David Zinczenko promises readers that they can lose a bunch of pounds if they follow the instructions.

The rule is to eat only in the space of nine in the morning until five in the evening or in the morning from 11 to seven in the evening because than the body easily degrades all the food. This concept is not new and has existed in more diets that advocated removal of fasting and normal diet with those that had a limited time frame. So, there are cycles of eight hours when you eat literally everything, and then cycles of 16 hours when you eat nothing. And like that every day. During the 16 hours the human body should focus on recovery and rest, not on the digestion of food.

Most advocates a diet that emphasizes the perfect time between 9-17 hours, although in practice during the 8-16 or 10-18 is not uncommon. Whichever range you choose, it is important that you eat all the planned daily calories within it. In this diet there are no forbidden foods, but it is forbidden to overeat. Eat as much as you like, but do not go overboard with the amount. Sweet and alcoholic drinks can also be consumed, but in moderation.

If because of all the obligations you forget the breakfast, there is a solution: drink tea or coffee and when you get a free time, start with your eight-hour cycle feeding. Unlike other diets, the snacks are permissible and can be eaten often in the context of the eight-hours. Healthy logic here suggests that you should be careful to choose healthier snacks (eg. Nuts instead of chips).

Some general recommendations apply as in every child – it is always better to consume more natural foods, and reduce the industrially produced. The authors of the diet also recommend eight minutes of exercise every day.

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