One of the best incredible and delicious tropical fruit is banana. This fruit is extremely rich with vitamins and minerals. Also this fruit is one of the most consumed foods in the world which contains lots of health benefits.

Banana also contains healthy calories, but most people avoid it when consuming low calorie diet. In fact, consuming moderate amounts of this fruit can bring lots of health benefits. For example, consuming 100 grams of banana contain 90 calories, which shows that people overestimate the amount of calories this fruit contains. Also, this fruit brings more benefits than damages even though it contains less water compared to other fruits.

We are going to present to you in this article the best 8 benefits of consuming bananas:

The main benefits of bananas are:

– Providing great source of sugar

– Provide great source of beta-carotene

– Contain vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin C

– They are rich with potassium, iron, and magnesium

– Contain fiber and carbohydrates

8 benefits of banana:

  • Improves mood and fight depression

According to different research studies, bananas have proved to be great for improvement of the mood due to the tryptophan it contains. This is essential amino acid which transforms into serotonin when digested. Serotonin is considered the ‘happiness hormone’ which is responsible for the mood. So consuming enough bananas can help you improve your mood and relax.

  • Relieves stress

When you are under stress the levels of potassium drops and bananas are great source for balancing this level. Consuming bananas also help you fight fatigues and by increasing the potassium level it improves the mood and relieves stress.

  • Whitens teeth

In order to whiten your teeth you should use the banana peel. Take the white inner part of the peel and rub it against the teeth. Use this method for few weeks and you will be amazed by the results and the whiteness of your teeth.

  • Blood pressure regulator

People that consume excessive amounts of sodium and have low levels of potassium will experience high blood pressure. Banana is packed with potassium which can help you increase the levels in the body thus providing natural regulator of blood pressure. It is best to consume one banana as your breakfast in order to solve the issue with high blood pressure.

  • Improves vision

Banana contains vitamin A which is great for improving your vision. It is recommended to consume enough amount of vitamin A in order to avoid problems with your vision and night blindness.

  • Fights constipation

There is high amount of dietary fibers in bananas which can help you improve digestion and detox your body. The fiber found in banana is called pectin which helps with removing toxins from the body and improving the digestive tract. Consuming one banana per day will help you fight constipation, and due to the probiotic properties it can help you improve the digestive system as well.

  • Alleviate premenstrual symptoms

Banana contains B vitamins which are great for relieving stomach pain and prevent fluid retention. Also it is great for improving mood and overcoming problems with anxiety.

  • Weight loss

Consuming banana will make you feel satiety thus it provides great source for fighting moments of hunger. It is great for alleviating anxiety during the strict diet plan that you might undergo.

Source: staynaturallyhealthy

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