You are exposed to environmental pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, and cancer-causing chemicals on a daily basis. You ingest, inhale, or come into contact with these toxic chemicals that accumulate in the cells and tissues throughout your body. A large number of these toxins have shown harmful metabolic, reproductive, cancerous, and mental health effects.

On the other hand, the liver is the first defence body organ against toxins. It prevents the food toxins to pass into your blood stream, thus filtering them. The Traditional Chinese Medicine notes that this body organ functions adequately between 1am – 3 am, which means your body is effectively detoxified overnight.

Here are 8 detox beverages that can help your avoid toxic overload before it becomes a major health issue. These detox beverages help support digestion, boost energy, decrease inflammation, promote healthy skin, and cleanse the liver. They include some herbs and fruits that induce detoxification while providing essential minerals and vitamins, which keep the body functioning optimally.

All you need to do is consume any of the following detox drinks before going to bed. The good news is that these detox drinks detoxify your body while you are sleeping.



Lemon water is a popular detox drink that can be made by either slicing lemons and adding them to a jar of water or squeezing fresh lemon in water. In case you use lemon slices with the peel, make sure you use organic lemons in order to prevent pesticide exposure. Consume it before bedtime to help flush toxins out of your blood.

It is good to know that you should drink warm lemon water since cold beverages may cause a shock to your body as well as take heat from your digestive system to warm up. Therefore, make sure you consume warm beverages for best results.


Ancient Egyptians used chamomile to reduce fever. In addition, the herb has been used due to its calming abilities for centuries. Consuming chamomile tea before going to bed can reduce your stress levels and help you fall asleep more quickly.

That’s not all, chamomile is one of the most powerful detox herbal teas as a result of its laxative properties. It can move toxins and waste materials through the intestines.

Moreover, it has fantastic antioxidants and can stimulate proper liver detoxification. Its ability to detoxify the liver is attributed to its sesquiterpene lactone content. Specifically, this ingredient helps the liver prime its detoxification pathways.

The strong anti-inflammatory properties of the tea can further help your body in dealing with detoxification intermediates that can lead to higher levels of inflammation in your body.


Rose is an incredible herb related to the heart meridian linked to your emotions. It can promote proper energy flow from the liver. On the contrary, improper energy flow can result in depressive states. Alleviating depressive states plays an important role in promoting restorative sleep required for healthy detoxification.

The tea can also help the blood move throughout your body as a result of its astringent properties. The high amount of tannin present in the tea helps eliminate toxins by promoting proper flow through the detoxification organs.


If you have had a heavy meal before going to bed, consume peppermint tea because it improves digestion. This ability is attributed to its high amount of essential oils, like menthone and menthol.

In addition, peppermint alleviates the symptoms of overeating, which can interfere with your sleep. As your liver is involved in this digestive process, the consumption of peppermint tea can improve the detoxification and digestive functions of your liver.


You can make this herb as tea and consume it before going to bed. Lotus seed tea helps in cases of heart palpitations, anxiety and stress, thus helping you get good night’s sleep. While you are sleeping your liver will function optimally, thus eliminating toxins.

You can also add lavender to this tea to further calm the nerves and reduce the anxiety.


It is actually a Chinese herb, which has an ability to nourish liver blood needed for fat burning and detoxification. It can also calm your mind, thus promoting restorative sleep required for optimal liver functioning.

Additionally, it can also strengthen the Spleen-Pancreas that can get affected by an overloaded liver that leads to poor food digestion.


You can prepare an amazing fruity tea that can protect your liver from various toxic intermediates created through its detoxification pathways by infusing Schizandra berries in hot water.

Schizandra constituents like lignan have been found to possess excellent hepatoprotective properties. That’s not all, schizandra berries may also have an adaptogenic action on the entire body, which means all body processes can function properly.


Oat tea is a fantastic nutritional tea since it possesses high levels of minerals, vitamins, and proteins known as avenins. These proteins are beneficial for Phase I as well as Phase II of liver detoxification.

Furthermore, oat tea acts as a nervous system re-builder because it can help balance your emotions and calm your mind.

To conclude, the weight loss and detoxification processes require large amounts of fluids. That’s why you should drink plenty of water throughout the day. Also, these detox drinks add to your daily intake of fluids.

Additionally, you should get restorative sleep every night since it is vital for optimal organ functioning. Try to fall asleep about 11pm at the latest, so that you are asleep before 1am as mentioned above.

You should start with changing your bedtime by at least an hour and keeping this for one week or two until you can change it by another hour and gradually achieving your goal.

Source: dailyhealthkeeper.

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