We live in we live in a fast moving world when we have too many commitments during the day, and one of them is certainly correct skin care. Because when you are tired, it is almost impossible to get her to remove makeup from the face before going to sleep.

And what’s the worst that can possibly happen? Your skin will have a pretty rough night.

Take a look: What can happen when you do not remove makeup before going to bed:


Your natural skin hydration decreases in the evening as part of the normal circulation. And if you have dirt, oil and make-up then it cannot maintain humidity properly. In this case you can try to recover it by applying a morning moisturizer.

Accumulating dead cells
The skin becomes ugly when purchases of dead cells on the surface because the irregular reflection. Therefore, clean, freshly washed skin look radiant. This makes a pretty strong case for regular cleaning, do not you?

Your skin acts as a barrier against environmental influences, and when it is healthy, it can all regulate properly (your skin stays hydrated in a cool, dry day). But when the makeup, dirt and oil are on the skin, they form a film that may affect the inability of the skin to maintain a healthy barrier. When barrier is disturbed, it leads to inflammation, which may occur in the form of redness and itching.

The skin cannot breathe properly make-up over itself, so the oil and the adhesive layer form a cell block. Then begin to appear acne as a result of dirt that accumulates.

Inadequate removal of make-up can lead to blockage of pores and glands around the eyes and they can contribute to work out, because if you have any open wounds you may also end up with an infection.

Premature aging
Gases and dust, smog and pollution can accumulate on the skin and cause free radicals in the pores that can damage an existing collagen, your DNA, and, in some cases, lead to increased production of pigment, causing dark skin changes.

Dry and chapped lips
The skin on the lips is one of the most sensitive in the body and irritating ingredients in makeup can lead to inflammation of the lips if you are in contact with it over a long period of time.

Just because the makeup has a sign on it that lasts for 24 hours does not mean you need to stay on your face for so long!

Source: healthexpertgroup

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