Breathing techniques

This sleeping technique does not require any special effort and there are three rules you should keep in mind. First, you should breathe through the nose for 4 seconds. Then, hold your breath in for 7 seconds. Finally, exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds exactly. Your brain is now flooded with soothing chemicals, and your heart runs at a slower pace.

Take a hot shower

Raising the temperature of your skin increases those feelings of sleepiness and makes your journey to deep sleep happen a bit faster.

For the best results, make sure the water is above 38 ° C. Water that is too cool won’t provide the same benefits as hot water.

Hot baths are best for inducing relaxation, but regardless of whether you take a hot bath or shower. 

Take melatonin (hormone)

Melatonin is responsible the hormone for inducing the feelings of sleep you have when it gets dark outside.

You don’t have to take the supplement though; melatonin can be found naturally in bananas, oats, pineapple, oranges, tomatoes, and cherries, as well as other foods.

Count sheep

Try counting! Repetitive task in your head will distract your mind and bore you.

Don’t workout at night

Avoid working out within 4 hours of heading for bed. However, if you don’t have a workout routine, make one! It simply must be done at the right times.

Turn off all electronics

Try cutting down on your gaming time. Studies have shown that. People who play video and computer games more than 7 hours a week sleep poorer than those who don`t.

To fall asleep, your body increases levels of hormones, which induce sleepiness as it gets darker outside.  This makes you tired.

Remove all electronics with bright screens at least an hour before bed so it will be easier for your body to get tired.

You may not be too concerned about the fact you aren’t sleeping well. Lack of sleep could  cause many diseases (stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, memory loss, breast cancer, incontinence).

Continually depriving yourself of the recommended time asleep (six to eight hours) can mean you become very sick down the line.

source: healthexpertgroup


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