Sometimes, despite regular exercise and proper diet, the belly will not disappear.

James Duigan (coaching star, whose clients include Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington Whiteley) offers advice on undesirable volume in the belly.

Rescue circle

A distinctive feature:

Double rounded belly


Passive way of life

Consuming sweets

Consuming alcohol

A diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates (biscuits, cakes and white bread)

How to improve the situation:

  1. Reduce the amount of alcohol. Drinking several glasses of wine, 3-4 times a week will result in “wine waist”. Quit alcohol for 2 weeks, and after that take it in limited quantities.
  2. Change the diet. Prefer foods with low fat.
  3. Find time for exercise. Go to the gym, long walks or exercise at home.

Special instructions:

Just enough exercise and proper nutrition. Thanks to new training and diet, you’re a step away from the belly of dreams, and it will give you a new strength.

Belly due to stress

A distinctive feature:

Fat concentrated in the belly


Chronic stress

Often skipping meals

Large doses of caffeine

Bowel syndrome irritations

Consumption of fast food

How to improve the situation:

  1. Go to bed earlier. Women who experience stress, frequent reduced sleep reduces the production of the hormone leptin, which helps regulate appetite and metabolism.
  2. Relaxation before bedtime. You can use breathing exercises or meditation. These healthy habits will help you sleep better.
  3. Do not overdo exercise. Excessive cardio will increase cortisol levels. Practice yoga and have long walks.
  4. Include magnesium supplements. Magnesium is soothing mineral. It is found in dark vegetables, nuts and wheat germ.

Special instructions:

Practice yoga before bed, stretch and drink chamomile tea. It will reduce cortisol levels and help your body to relax.

Low belly

A distinctive feature:

Slim belly, but extremely elongated at the bottom


Recent pregnancy

Repetitive and excessive exercise in gym

Monotonous diet

Curvature of the spine

How to improve the situation:

  1. Food rich in fiber. Green leafy vegetables, whole meal bread and other natural sources of fiber.
  2. Avoid squatting. If you have a problem with crooked spine, it will further increase the burden on the lower back.
  3. Equal distribution of load. Do not overload the body with physical exercise. Try circuit training, and pay attention to each muscle group separately.

Special instructions:

Drink more water and consume easily digestible food.

A belly of a mother

A distinctive feature:

After birth (after you spend a year or more) belly is shaped like in pregnancy.


Setting aside some time for yourself. After delivery, the uterus descends and very difficult to reach the desired results than before pregnancy.

Starting with training too early. After delivery it is recommended to rest two to three months before you start exercising.

Weak pelvic muscles.

How to improve the situation:

  1. Include fish in your diet.
  2. Try to import sufficient amounts of good fats, nuts, butter and olives.
  3. Be sure to do exercises for the pelvis.
  4. Forget squatting. This is the worst thing for your body after childbirth. You must allow your body to recover.

Special instructions:

Practice stretching the body before bedtime. Find time to sleep during the day.

Bloated belly

A distinctive feature:

A flat belly in the morning, which swells during the day.


Allergy to a certain food type

Unbalanced intestinal flora

How to improve the situation:

  1. Eliminate products that do not suit your body. Most often it can be gluten (bread, pasta), alcohol, yeast, dairy products (cheese, milk, butter).
  2. Focus on a diet with lots of fresh vegetables, chicken and fish. Try to remove gluten for two weeks, and note whether flatulence will decrease.
  3. Do not skip breakfast and avoid eating late at night.

Special instructions:

Practice breathing exercises every morning, lying on the back. After the meal, it is recommended a walk.

source: healthexpertgroup

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