The sciatic nerve is a very long one that is located at the back of the leg. It goes from the butt all the way down the feet. When this nerve is inflamed or the lumbar root puts pressure on it, it can cause a pain very severe that can be debilitating.

For some people this pain is milder but for some individuals it can be even deadly.

The sciatic pain is often explained as numbness, tingling and it is mostly manifested as pain in the legs. This pain is often described as a severe pain shooting up and down the length of the nerve at the back of the legs.

This pain can disrupt the sleep and daily life and although there are many medication and pain killers that help, they only mask the issue and help with pain relief and do not resolve the problem altogether.

Here are a couple of exercises that can prevent sciatic pain and soothe it should it happen. They are all simple and can be done at home and do not take much of your time.

Low Lunge
Out your right leg forward with the knee over the ankle and the left knee should go towards the ground and almost touching it. Then place your feet flat onto the ground and this position will stretch the left hip flexor.

Hamstring Stretching
This is a great exercise to soothe and relieve sciatica pain. The sciatic nerve is located on the back of the legs and so are the hamstrings and by stretching them and making them more elastic you will reduce sciatica pain. Overly tight hamstrings can be a factor to sciatica pain and this exercise can improve the elasticity.

Reclining Pose
Lie on your back and bring the right leg at a 90-degree angle and grasp it behind the thigh. With the other leg place the ankle against the knee and hold that position for 15 seconds. Change the legs afterwards and repeat the same process. This stretch manages the piriformis muscle that sometimes can interfere with the sciatic nerve and cause inflammation.

Pigeon Pose
There are various versions of this exercise but he most important fact is that any of them can open the hips widely and take the pressure out of the sciatic nerve root. Before attempting at this exercise you need to do a pre-stretch.

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