Comfort of footwear means the difference between a comfortable wearing and a painful expression on your face while you wait for them to take them off.

These are tricks to use them in the best and most comfortable way:

  • If your leather footwear is too tight, slide a pair of socks before you wear your shoes and dry them with a hair dryer. The skin will spread out on heat and your shoes will be more comfortable.
  • Unusual but effective: If your legs are sweating, use pads that will absorb moisture and save unpleasant odors.
  • Are the soles of your shoes too smooth? Do they slip like walking on ice? Simply make it rougher with the help of a shingles.
  • The new running shoes can be inconvenient and therefore try to use Vaseline or any lubricating gel. Apply it to the heels and other places where are stuttering you.
  • When you get blisters from shoes, immerse them into black tea and in this way relieve pain and disinfect the wound.
  • Shoe protection is simple: leather shoes will glitter when you spray glass cleaner on them. Leave to dry and then wipe them with a cloth. Done!
  • White shoes will be as fresh as you clean them with acetone. Even the most stubborn stains will be removed.
  • If your feet are slipping into shoes, sprinkle a little lacquer in your hair. This will prevent your feet from slipping.
  • This is classic, but not everyone knows. When your legs are sweating, simply put the paper in them and dry it much easier.
  • If your shoes are too tight, put in them ice bags. Leave in the fridge overnight and the next you will see the difference.
  • Turn your favorite shoes into cold-weather shoes with a little woolen fabric shaped as cartridges. Perfect for spring and autumn!
  • Do you want to rest your feet? You can do it yourself by rolling a tennis ball. Perfect for relaxing after a busy day.
  • A little baking soda in the sneakers will neutralize a bad smell, even if the smell is very strong.
  • Trip: When you travel somewhere next time, wrap the glasses, jewelry and perfumes into newspaper and put them in the sneakers. This will be your extra protection and you will have more space.
  • Toothbrush and vinegar are the perfect combination for removing dirt from leather shoe. Also, it will shine more.
  • While wearing high heels, seal the patch and the middle and fourth fingers together. This will balance your posture and release the pressure from your foot.
  • In order for your deep shoes to remain in good condition, just put in a rolling swim.
  • Remove scratches on leather shoes using vaseline and ear-pads. This will also help prevent damage.
  • Another great trick against blisters. Apply deodorant on sensitive areas and you will not have problems.
  • Have you heard of a dry shampoo? This incredible product can help you if your feet are sweating. Just sprinkle it a little into your shoes and your legs will be scented and dry.

Source: healthexpertgroup

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