When physical pain is concerned the crucial factors taken into consideration for their occurrence are genetics, nutrition and environment. However, it has to be emphasized that the emotional factor takes great place in its occurrence which many people neglect. Therefore, in this post we shall concentrate on the eighteen pains which are linked to the experienced emotions.

  1. Pain in the teeth

Soring teeth mean that we are not comfortable with some situations which we cannot deal with.

  1. Pain in the gums

Pain in the gums can be triggered by insecurity and absence of action, therefore analyze those decisions which you did not want to proceed as you were too afraid to do so.

  1. Pain in the shoulders

Pain in the shoulders refers to a great emotional burden, because of that you need to rationalize things and determine what exactly burdens you.

  1. Stomachache

This type of pain indicates that you cannot accept certain situations in your life.

  1. Headache

If you experience a headache, first try to relax rest and focus on the things that are worrying you, and then make all the decisions

  1. Pain in the top part of the back

This refers to the fact that you feel alone in your love life. So, we have an easy solution for you, just go for a date.

  1. Pain in the sacrum and tailbone

It is associated with situation in life which provokes anxiety, tension and stress.

  1. Muscular pain

It relates to our capacity for influencing situations in our everyday life.

  1. Pain in the neck

It is most frequently linked to making excuses. Therefore, reconsider each time when you are about to say “I’m sorry”.

  1. Pain in the elbows

This means that you are too resistant to changes, so try to be more flexible.

  1. Pain in the arms

This pain reflects that you are dealing with a serious burden in your life, try to solve this and hence solve this pain.

  1. Pain in the hands

This pain indicates that you want something very bad, but you cannot have it.

  1. Pain in the ankles

Being void of pleasure in your life, can lead to ankles’ pain, therefore it is best to relate with some other person sentimentally.

  1. Pain in the feet

Negative emotions, depression are the main reasons for the occurrence of pain in the feet.

  1. Pain in the knees

You have to be aware of the fact that we are all humans and things cannot be always perfect, if you recognize this fact then you can avoid knee pain.

  1. Pain in the hips

It is related to the fact that you cannot easily adapt to changes.

  1. Muscular pain and pain during motion

You are lacking experiences thus being afraid of new adventures and obstacles which can lead to muscular pain.

  1. Pain that causes fatigue

Being bored, exhausted and stagnant most of the time might result in pain that causes fatigue. Therefore, try to sleep more in order to put an end to this pain.

Source: staynaturallyhealthy


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