Time really is powerful and changes everything weather we notice it or not. It changes our lives, body, appearance and mind in a million possible ways. Not all these changes should be bad, we have the control we need to make sure that all the changes that happen are good and in keeping with our dreams.

There are so many things different in this modern life today starting by the food we eat. In the past, it was organic and today most of the food we consume is genetically modified and loaded with pesticides and chemicals. In the past, we also had a different social life.

People used to gather together and communicate in different ways. Today there are a lot of social media that makes the communication virtual and basically not real. This is probably the most drastic change that has happened and it influences our lives in very different manners.

The connections with people used to be real and today they are very different and although you can really connect with someone very quick chances are those people that exist on Facebook are not so present in your reality.

The worst part is that the next generations will not have the same childhood memories we had and will definitely not live the same things the elderly generations did. Yet, that is the eminent passage of time that we cannot stop and the world and life keeps evolving. Here is how the world has changed in the past years.

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Middle Ages

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Difference in Film Making

The Smaller the Better

Things Size Up

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This

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