Pain is a sign that our body sends every time when there is something wrong in the inside. It is the most common symptoms of anything ranging from physical and mental affliction.

The factors and reasons can be various and this pain can sometimes help us determine what is wrong in order for us to treat it on time.

Here are some parts of the body that believe it or not can give off signals and signs of something else happening beyond the surface and something beyond physical.

Muscle Pain:
Pain and a tense feeling in the muscles means that we ought to go with the flow and become more relaxed. This pain can represent the ability for us to move in our lives.

This feeling can represent our ability to know what our next move is and decision but do not go with it anyways. The limits the decision-making process and should be fixed right away.

Neck Pain:
This means having forgiveness troubles be it to other people or yourself. When you notice unexplainable pain in the neck focus on forgiving others and yourself.

Shoulder Pain:
This type of pain means that there is something weighing on you from an emotional side of things. Get your problem-solving things out in the open and let some burden out of your life.

Pain in the Upper Back:
This represents lack of emotional support be it from a loved one, friend or family.

Pain in the Lower Back:
Pain in the lower back can mean too much worrying about money and life. Lack of emotional support may also induce pain in this part.

Pain in the Tail Bone and Sacrum:
The problem may be located where you are sitting. Locate it and treat it immediately.

Elbow Pain:
Resistance to change and grow may be manifested by elbow pain. Even if things are too steep for you dare to move in that direction. Let yourself go with the flow.

Stomach Pain:
Grief can cause a hole like feeling in the stomach. Being disrespected may also manifest like that as well as something you couldn’t digest properly.

Arm and Hand Pain:
This can symbolize that some link to other is not yet connected really good and you need to reach for other. This may mean another emotional burden that you are carrying and need to unload.

Knee Pain:
Pain in the outside of the knee means personal problems and the inner part means friends, family, community and work. The knee pain symbolizes your relationship with all these subjects.

Hip Pain:
Afraid of moving forward may manifest as hip pain. The resistance you have against change and moving in general may cause soreness and a tense feeling in the hips.

Tooth pain is a general sign of disappointment and not being in the place you want to be. This disgust affects your whole life.

Foot Pain:
Foot pain may occur due to negativity and possible depression. When you feel like this it affects the whole body.

Source: secretlyhealthy

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