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14 EARLY SIGNS WHICH ARE WARNING YOU OF HIGH BLOOD SUGAR! (and foods which will help you reverse it)

If for no reason put on a weight even though you are on low calories intake, or perhaps you have a feeling of a constant hunger. Does frequent stomach problems are occurring often?If the answer is yes then most likely you high blood sugar is the problem.

Diabetics is not the only people with High blood sugar. Anyone can  xperience increased blood sugar. In particular of some certain foods and foods that cause to go further than candies, sodas and cakes.

The biggest problem is when blood sugar levels remain high for a longer period of time and these way more serious health issues can occur.

What Causes High Blood Sugar Symptoms?

High blood sugar symptoms can be caused by various factors including:

– Use of certain medications
– Some health conditions
– Stress
– Lack of exercise
– Poor diet

What Are The Symptoms of High Blood Sugar?

High blood sugar does not necessarily have to mean that you suffer from diabetes. High blood sugar is just a diabetes symptom. Some of the most usual high blood sugar symptoms include:

– Dry mouth
– Increased thirst
– Frequent urination and urination throughout the night
– Constant hunger
– Extreme tiredness or daily fatigue
– Dry and itchy skin
– Weight gain and excess abdominal fat
– Difficulty concentrating
– Blurred vision
– Recurrent infections
– Stomach problems
– Nerve problems
– Slow healing of wounds and cuts
– Impotence

Decrease High Blood Sugar Symptoms by Using a Glycemic Index Food List

(GI) or Glycemic Index, it represents a numerical index which ranks the carbohydrates based on their glycemic response, which is the level to which certain foods increase the blood sugar levels. The GI has a scale from 0 to 100 and is measured that way if the level is higher that means more rapid increase of blood sugar levels.Interesting fact is that the pure glucose is the highest (100) and is set as reference point.

The foods that contain high (GI), they are  more speedily absorbed  and digested and cause fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. The foods which have low GI are absorbed and digested slowly and they gradually increase the blood sugar levels.

Foods with low GI have often  proven the health benefits they have and they decrease insulin resistance and insulin levels thus preventing symptoms of high blood sugar. So the conclusion is that the foods that delay hunger and control the appetite are the ones with low GI, in the same case they help with weight loss and are a lot more beneficial.

GI and GL for Common Foods

     Food                                                     Gl      Serving Size                                           Net Carbs     GL

Oranges                                                    48     1 medium (131 g)                                                   12             6

Bananas                                                   52      1 large (136 g)                                                        27            14

Potato chips                                            54      4 oz (114 g)                                                             55            30

Snickers Bar                                            55      1 bar (113 g)                                                           64            35

Brown rice                                               55      1 cup (195 g)                                                          42            23

Macaroni and cheese                            64      1 serving (166 g)                                                   47            30

Raisins                                                     64      1 small box (43 g)                                                 32            20

White rice                                                64      1 cup (186 g)                                                          52            33

Sugar (sucrose)                                      68      1 tbsp (12 g)                                                            12             8

White bread                                            70      1 slice (30 g)                                                           14             10

Watermelon                                            72      1 cup (154 g)                                                           11              8

Popcorn                                                   72      2 cups (16 g)                                                           10             7

Baked potato                                          85      1 medium ( 173 g)                                                  33            28

Glucose                                                   100     (50 g)                                                                       50            50

Peanuts                                                    14       4 oz (113 g)                                                              15             2

Bean sprouts                                           25       1 cup (104 g)                                                           4               1

Grapefruit                                               25       1/2 large (166 g)                                                     11              3

Pizza                                                        30        2 slices (260 g)                                                       42            13

This is just a small example of our everyday common foods.GI’s of 55 or below are low ones and 70 or above are considered high ones. GL’s of 10 or below are considered low, and 20 or above are considered high.

source: healthexpertgroup


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